Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I've Moved!

my blog theme for years. :(
Blogger has been so close to my heart. I started posting my shoe stories (especially during "emo-times") since 2009. But things are moving forward and I think it will all be for the better ShoesandSenses. All blogs were already exported to my website. Thanks so much to Mr. Shoe who patiently worked on the site. (You rock,baby!)
Hey you fellas, bookmark www.shoesandsenses.com :)

"Life is always at some turning point"
watch me;)


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When in doubt, Wear high heels!

It's like almost 2 months since I last wore high heels. Oh, the last time was our wedding day! Whhhaaatt??!!!

When I gave up my role as a company slave couple of months ago and accepted new role as HOUSEWIFE, I guess the only reason for me to wear my heels is when going to supermarket for our groceries!(With matching full bangs and red lipstick.haha)

Believe me, that happens to be the highlight of my week lately. (*Cries out loud*)
When doing shoe work and meeting shoemakers in factories, they find it really weird to see me wearing heels, so I put on my to-go flats.
My body cells have not been doing good lately too and I am having a hard time standing and walking, so I rely much on my favorite slippers!
I have to say I miss wearing my high heels so much! I tried wearing them while cooking, sweeping floors and doing laundry. Oh yeah, I pity myself too! Haha

Maybe I am just looking at my heels but the real deal is.. I miss working! I miss being a company slave. Weird! I've been working since I was 18 and suddenly, I look forward to force myself to get up early while fighting with my annoying alarm clock. I miss spending my day in long stressful meetings and multi-tasking (working while tweeting!haha)
I can't decide now if going back to 8-12hour work shift is a good idea.

I have 3 important things I just want to do right now:
1. Take care of Mr. Shoe.
2. Work on ShoesandSenses.
3. Get pregnant.

So for now that I'm still in doubt, all I can do is to wear my high heels. 
Ill try it while sketching my shoe designs too! Why not!? Haha

Currently working on ShoesandSenses weddings.
Wear fabulous bridal shoes! Wear ShoesandSenses.
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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Starting it right!

Disclaimer: late post (as usual!:)

As much as I wanted to savor all the best memories of my 2011, I have to shred off the bad ones and face this year! 2012, bring it on!

I have to say it is a tough start for me. I was diagnosed with another complication that hinders my plan to get pregnant now. Well, maybe in time. (don't really want to discuss it here.) 

But that doesn't stop me from committing to make all of these happen: (READ: I can go drop dead if I can't! haha)
1.ShoesandSenses 1st collection.
It has been tough working on it last year. (Multi-tasking wedding preps and shoes and every other thing!) There are more things to work on and really, I've been patiently dealing with it. I am honestly so so sad and disappointed for missing to launch it this month (as planned), but I will always have that shoe faith. Hold on there, shoes! For now, ShoesandSenses accepts made-to-order and customized shoes. :)

2. My inner-chef.
I grew up eating what my wicked mom Pritzie used to cook. Her food inventions (sautee cucumber, whatever reason she had for making it! haha) were enough reasons for us to love fastfood take-outs and deliveries better! So, I did not grow up learning even a thing about cooking! I didn't  even know how to fry! Shame.on.me.

Mr. Shoe started condemning me for not committing to my wedding vows: "I promise to prepare your baon everyday." Now, this is the start of finding the courage to face my greatest fear at home- to cook! Haha

In all fairness, I started researching different recipes and trying it out. So far, Jerome loved the first-ever meal I have cooked (or he was just too considerate to like it! :)

3. Happy new ME!
I vow to change something in my look. I got tired (and frustrated) trying to bring back my teenage  weight but it was not easy especially just after the holidays. (Dream on.)  Hell no!! So, I am considering Juju cleanse once again. Yeah!!!

I swear to have different hairstyle too.

Positive vibes will be my bestfriend this time. I kick those negatrons out of my life. I am bound to be happy and I'm gonna make it. Wohoo!!
Hello, full bangs! :-)

4. Read.
I used to love reading books. Not e-books but real books where I can smell each page. I miss it! I just miss turning the pages and being affected on each story. Will definitely have a visit in the bookstore again. (The geek side of me:)

5. Healthy living.
I cannot swear to finally quit smoking. I did try million times (believe me!). This time, Jerome and I plan to start by using E-cigarette and then slowly letting that nicotine go out of our system. We need each other support on this.

6. Helping hand.
I want to help charities and  share. I've been putting this on my list every year but always fail to do it. I want to give even the simplest and smallest thing but will make someone smile. I've been so affected by the tragedies and calamities happening.

7. Forgive.
I don't have to say anything about it, ill just do.

8. Travel more.
What is #ItsmorefuninthePhilippines if I can't see the beautiful places in every corner of our country? Will check the best places to visit and plan our itinerary. Yey!!

9. Take time to meet old friends.

10. Do all these and be consistent! 'Nuff said. *wink*


Friday, December 16, 2011

Wedding Wedge

 Disclaimer: late post.

*Cayetano- Sosa beach wedding*
newly wed! (photo grabbed from Chalebrations)
I have known Tina for more than a decade.  We started to be friends when I pulled a chair for her so we could be seatmates.  That was first day of our high school years in La Salle. We were sweet, innocent and young! :)
ShoesandSenses blue suede printed wedge
So when her long time beau, Joe Cayetano proposed early 2010, all of us were excited to be part of their wedding entourage.  They got married just a week after our wedding.  (She was one of my bridesmaids too)
Pre-Nup shoot
I volunteered myself to be her stylist during her pre-nup shoot with Nice Print Photography.  She wore ShoesandSenses blue suede wedge and some of my high heels.  (I forced her to! haha) And to make this wedding truly special to me, I was the one who designed and made her beach bridal shoes. Yey!

After sending her 3 or more sketches, Tina chose to wear criss-crossed strap sandals.  She just wanted flats but I encouraged her to look a little taller in her wedding gown.  For her to be able to walk comfortably in the sand, I ended up with an inch wedge and putting foam in the insole so her feet won't hurt while walking and standing for hours.
I also put white satin with chiffon flower as a strap to match her bridal gown made by Merlene Marcelo.  This time, she bluntly told me she didn't want feathers.  (Tina: "Alicia, ayoko ng may mga feathers kagaya ng mga headpieces mo!"  Me: "Fine!" )

The studded strap made all the impression.  It stated glamour and elegance with still the crisp touch of simplicity.  Very Tina!  Her shoes live her story and personality.

The wedding was beyond spectacular!  We were all happy for our dearest friend and her husband, who has also been so close to our hearts.  But one simple remark made me happier that day.  When the bride told me after their wedding:  "Gurl, winner ang shoes mo! Hindi sya masaket sa paa!" :-)

And that was it.  ShoesandSenses created and witnessed another shoe story. More weddings and shoes to come and more shoe stories to share!
(L-R: Dra. Deanna Bandoja, Charris of Chalebrations, me, and Kathz Bandoja)
with my Mr. Shoe

** For made-to-order and customized shoes, you can email me:  shoesandsenses@gmail.com


Monday, December 12, 2011

Beautiful Bohol!

After stressful wedding preps, wedding high and hangover, were off to our much awaited vacation. Honeymoon bliss! Yey!

We had 3 options of where to have our honeymoon. (Thunderbird  La Union,  Bohol and Boracay)  Out of the country was NOT an option since we really wanted to rest and relax.

Bohol won since Jerome and I haven't been there.  As much as we wanted to have it in Thunderbird Poro Point, it is way too expensive for us. Waaahhh!!!

So we took advantage of the honeymoon package in Bohol Beach Club.  
Eat. Sleep. Eat. Swim. Sleep. Eat. Eat. 3 nights and 4 days stay was like another fairytale!
Romantic dinner by the beach, honeymoon set-up, petals on bed, wines, sweet live music serenading us, moonlight.  Aaaah... Life is lovely!

I fell inlove over and over again.

Thanks to Jerome's friend, Bart who took us to the city.  We went to Bohol Bee Farm where icecream has never been that sinful!  We went to see the amazing Chocolate hills and disturbed the sleeping cute tarsiers.

This is another story to share to our little ones in time.  Bohol is definitely love!♥


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

That Walk to Forever

That lovely day of November 29,2011 marked a new beginning, a new journey.  This time I am not alone with just my shoes, I am with the man I have prayed for.
That lovely day, I married my Mr. Shoe!

The night before our wedding day, I dosed myself with sleeping pills to finally have a peaceful sleep. (Wedding preps stressed me out!) I fell asleep while praying and asking not to rain on our wedding day and everything will just be in place.

It was a bright and sunny Tuesday.

My day started early and I wished time won't move fast.  I wanted to feel and remember everything.  I haven't even noticed, I was all done with my hair and make up and ready to wear my wedding gown and my fabulous GianMarco Lorenzi heels. (million thanks again, Shoephoric!)

Photos, videos, retouch, my lovely bridesmaids arrived (with their red shoes!), photos again, more photos... and then I was riding in the bridal car with the only person who truly knows my story, my wicked sister Aylnn.  Thank God for the Maid of Honor!
My beautiful bridesmaids
My dearest Maid of Honor
Bridesmaids' red shoes!!!

While in a car waiting for my turn to walk, I panicked when I had a glimpse of the guests waiting for my bridal walk.  I have never been that nervous in my entire life!  Our officiating priest, Fr. Ronnie Licayan approached me and assured me that everything will be perfect.  That we were almost there.  He held my cold and shaking hands and told me: "The man who loves you is already waiting for you".  So I got out of the car and prayed that I won't fall down while walking.

The moment the door opened I couldn't breathe.  I wanted to cry when I looked at Jerome.  I couldn't hear even the bridal march song.  I looked at Pritzie and Armando who were beside my sister.  I saw them crying.  I wanted to stop in the middle, I felt that I was about to fall. I heard my friends shouted I can do it.  So I walked towards my man. I successfully stopped myself from crying. Whew!!! (para sa false eyelashes! hahaha)
our candles with feathers! :-)

We exchanged our heartfelt wedding vows and rings that symbolize our unconditional love.  All I could remember was our first kiss as husband and wife.  I wanted to stop everything and enjoy every scene in our Big Day.  I couldn't stop thanking God that it was finally happening.  Truly, I was the happiest!

Seat Chart

Our event stylists and coordinators nailed it!  Our reception venue was beyond fabulous!  Just how we planned and wanted it. We received good feedback from guests and relatives.  The programme's highlight was our dearest Pritzie's very funny speech. (Her CENOMAR story!!!)
father-daughter dance

After thank yous, never-ending smiles, photos, more and more photos, guests approaching us and wishing us all the best, Big Day came to end.

When I lay down beside my husband, I looked at that ring in my finger.  Oh.my.God. I am really married. Waiting for that perfect fit is over. 
Yes, it was a fairytale that came to life...
i love.
**wedding photos and video by Ralph Alejandrino