Monday, October 24, 2011

Juju All the Way!

I finally did try the probably most talked about cleanse in the city.  For 3 days, i locked myself at home so I wouldn't smell or see food.  I was in hell!

When I talked to Kat of Juju Cleanse last Friday and informed her that I was planning to do my cleanse on Monday to Wednesday, I received all my fresh juices last Sunday.  (For day1) They deliver everyday of cleanse so juices are really fresh! Like it!  I got 3day level 3 since it is the one best for diabetic like me. Poor me :-(

I tried to prepare myself for my cleanse but it was not a good time for pre-cleansing.  Sunday is usually family day and I had sumptuous dinner and cocktails with the Mapagu's.  Fail! But still, I was determined to do it the following day.
my Juju bag :)

Cleansing schedule

I was excited when I woke up and to start my cleanse.  I started my cleanse by sipping the green mint they provided.  ( I was thinking of hamdesal while sipping it. haha) 

Since I got the level 3, I only had The Green Bomb and Alkazest.
Surprisingly, I liked the taste of Green Bomb. I could really taste the cucumber! Every 2.5 hours I had to drink my juices.  I was not really craving for food, I was tempted to smoke. Waaahh!!!  I tried to be busy and started my shoe work so I wouldn't smoke.

Around 4pm, I finally had to taste the Alkazest.  I honestly didn't like the taste of it.  I finished it right away and tried to drink a lot of water because of its after taste.  I was still not starving.(believe me!) Had my yoga and continued with the remaining drinks for the day.
I survived day 1!


I woke up feeling dizzy.  Still, I was bound to get through this.  So I continued with my juices.  I started to feel bored with The Green Bomb.  I was thinking of a different taste.  Around noon, headache was distracting me badly and it seemed someone was telling me to stop.  Baka naghahallucinate na ko?! haha

Had my yoga again and finished all the drinks.  O ha, kaya pa!!!  Though I was seriously thinking of food I will eat after this (and cupcakes too!)
counting my bottles. almost almost done!


I wanted to end this day right away because I knew I will finally say goodbye to the Green Bomb.  Time seemed so slow or I was just bored.  I did wedding stuff to keep myself busy. 

Yoga again (which I am starting to love) and then I was on to my second to the last bottle for the day.  It was easy until Mr. Shoe decided to eat sandwich and chips infront of me while I was drinking my juice. Oh yeah, he was killing me!  I was really tempted to just have a bite but I successfully didn't mind it.
Whew!  After my last bottle, I weighed and congratulated myself for surviving Juju Cleanse.

I know my body thanked me for doing this.  With all the junks I've been putting into my system, I know this helped me a lot to feel lighter and yes, cleansed.  And mind you, I was not really cranky despite food deprivation! haha  I am planning to do it again a week before the Big Day.
I did it! ;-)

Thanks to wicked sister, Aylnn for encouraging me to do it.  It was a good break from all the trash my body system had.  And for the record, I lost 8lbs!  Mostly water weight I guess!:-)



I'm Apple said...

wow encouraging. i like to try. thanks for sharing